“ Justification of deterioration ”
「 劣化の正当化 」

I believe that using old unusable sneakers as flower pots is not a particularly unusual expression. “SHOETREE” is a refined and coherent form of that expression, with greater focus placed on the sneakers. The inspiration for its appearance came from the sight of plant roots stretching across the ruins of collapsed, moss-covered buildings. I aim to create mystery, and a harmony as though everything were one, while also maintaining the realism in my works. My works are created based on the concept of “Justification of deterioration”, in order to achieve balance and the optimal level of exaggeration so as to ensure that they do not become mere decorations. Hydrolysis, which is the main cause of deterioration will continue for about 3 years under bad storage conditions, and 5 years under normal conditions. While hoping for an improvement of the cause, it is also the result of accepting and enjoying the changes.